Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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PB / TPB Down

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The Police tricked by the movie industry to close Piratbyån

Today the police had a raid against the Pirate Bay. The worlds largest Bittorent- tracker. For several years, the page has been a world central for people interested in culture from countries all over the world. Everything from home made essays to obscure japanese music to videos of the schlager finalie has been shared with the technique.

On the servers, no illegal material has been stored. The torrent-files, links as people use to get connected and to download the desired material is containing text, that is certainly not protected by the copyright laws.

”Antipiratbyrån has obviusly mislead the police in this case” said Tobias Andersson from Piratbyrån. ”They seem to have told the incompetent police that the servers in question is filled with copyright protected material, this is a huge misuse of the tax payers money.”

At the meantime, a number of web pages located on neighboring server been confiscated. Here lies the biggest mistake from the Swedish police.

The “Antipitarbyrån” has apparently tricked the police to simultaneously close down the site “pitratbyrån”.

“Piratbyrån" Has been lobbying for an open debate regarding copywriting and patent matters. We are very upset over that the movie industry does not dare take the debate, but instead tries to fool politicians and police into criminalize a large portion of the Swedish population.

Practically, ofcourse, this means really nothing for all the file sharing people around the world. There is literally thousands of other sites where you can get what you are after. People just change location.

File sharing works like a Hydra, if you cut one head off, two more grows out!

The Piratebay started at the summer of 2003 to highlight copy right questions. The pirate bay means that copy writing in many cases has played out its role and instead of protecting artists, really prohibits creativity and only “feeds” a few.

Since the start over 60 000 members has signed up on the web page where they discuss in forums and trades tips. The Piratebay has also held sessions with the Swedish government, running campaigns and has started the worlds biggest bittorrent-tracker,